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year old us tech fam is in no more gracious than analysts had expected tuitions never make a profit and helps more than seventy million dollars in the fast off the pca more than fifty million euro has bought a hundred million people use the micro cooking set this everyday and fans of the stocks eight the site only just beginning to start utilizing its potential as a political advertising medium that's the way an anime fest is a teacher says revenue growth is likely to come from . a tool but chose between many she is in india's capital tripoli. the latest finance comes off to the conundrum one group was killed in clashes any this week. dozens of alms man some icing and pickup trucks with an aircraft guns came from the waist and ctv smart and to think she's dead people and to safety as they pinched by a one acre residents said this new mommy to protect ordinary people their updates to the commons and in the buildings in our hands it's not the beer anymore it's the money and that his son to be gay. as you can see we leaving its. the japanese central hospitals some as they scored in the
hallway. >> where'd she go? >> many of us know that copper theft is a huge epidemic problem across the nation. our friends at wxyz in detroit just posted this really interesting investigative report on how bad copper theft has gotten in detroit. you see these four guys jump out of a van, broad daylight and they go and steal copper directly off of an energy truck. that's bigger than bold. the energy company had had a serious problem with this, so they decided to record this from done the street. they also put hidden cameras on the truck as well and they installed a gps tracker into the bundles of wire. they were able to track the wire back to a recycling facility where they tracked down these four guys. you may look at this video and think, well, this is an isolated incident. it happened 41 times in three months this summer. >> there's so many angles of this, it looks like they're reenacting it, like they're paid actors but this is when it's actually happening. >> linemen in the detroit area say they're in jeopardy. some people are lurking in the bushes. others claim they've had gun
african republic, aid agencies warn of a humanitarian catastrophe. and the u.s. moves to ban so-called fran frankenstein fatn the latest attempt to make americans healthier. ♪ ♪ >>> the strongest recorded typhoon to hit land is battering the fi philippines it has caused power blackouts in the central philippines where storage surges reached identify meter as many as two have been killed and 2 million affected. >> reporter: the philippine is his no stranger to tropical storms. but even by its standards, this is no ordinary storm. the tie fa typhoon is one of tht powerful ever recorded with gusts reaching 370-kilometers per hour, there aren't many buildings that can stand that force. >> it made landfall this morning and provided by storm surge and incredibly winds. roofs have been ripped from buildings, windows been blown in. >> reporter: once it clears the philippines it won't be as strong but still pack winds over 150-kilometers an hour as it heads for a collision course if vee he had tsunami. the pill fine philippines govers evacuated thousands of homes in coast the areas,
. >> could you give us american people update on this. can you regularly gives an yucht parallel the community to keep us informed. it's important agriculture all the stakeholders and the community is addressed. i personally would love to get an update >> yes. absolutely we'll keep you updated. >> i have a quick question. we're rushing towards a date to approve something. can we talk about what the form of the final property management plan. i feel like the memo are discrepancies of that and what is the property management plan itself and how detailed is the strategy in terms of what persons or offices of the city are property is going to transfer to the processes >> through the chair the actual form of the property management plan and the data that's prescribed there's some information that's required and that's what the real estate division is populating just some facts about the property the blocks and lots. and then we must designate of those 4 categories for deposition. we need to designate we don't need to designate a particular department, in fact, those are there othe
we're following this hero. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is joining talks in geneva to try to help negotiators reach a deal over iran's nuclear program. >>> authorities in china have the man they expect was involved in a deadly bombing outside a communist party building. >>> and the strongest typhoon of the year has hit the philippines and residents are running for cover. >>> the u.s. secretary of state is joining talks over iran's nuclear program. john kerry is trying to assist negotiators from iran and six major countries reach a breakthrough deal. kerry changed his schedule and flew to geneva after a visit to the middle east. iranian negotiators are meeting with their counterparts from the u.s., russia, china, britain, france, and germany. the negotiators from the six countries want iran to scale back its uranium enrichment program to alleviate concerns over the country's suspected development of nuclear weapons. in return, the u.s. and other countries say they might consider relaxing sanctions that crippled iran's economy. u.s. president barack obama says there is a pos
2015. joining us now from chicago, and the is author of canes way to wealth. from syracuse, mark schafer a social media and business consultant, and the awe tor of the dow of twitter. and from new york city, a reporter for the wall street journal heard on the street column, she focused on media and telecommunications. miriam who is buying twitter stock? who is the type of investor? >> well, it's not just your regular ma and pa investor, because there aren't that many shares of a highly -- allocated i.p.o. to go around. so it is you are seeing a lot of big hedge fund investors a lot of big institutional investor whose are getting claim to the first shares that are entering the market in the ipo. >> and mark schafer what draws an investor to go after something like twitter. >> well, i think the extraordinary thing that twitter has done and it is so difficult is they have dominated a niche, and i think that's very attractive for investors. they have monopolized their little piece of the web, and as their leaders have said, they are projecting that right now, only 10% of the potentia
report. here is that report. the jobless rate rose, but the u.s. government added 204,000 jobs to thei204--showscompanies. tony harris from new york, with the headlines. inside story is next on al jazeera america. >> a global food challenge of emention proportion could confront humanity as the earth heats up, but there are new solutions in tonight's "inside story." >> hello, today there are nearly a billion people who don't have enough to eat or who face food insecurity. by 2050 with 9 billion people in the world, the climate change and challenges will multi my, my. tonight what is being done and tonight what can be done to feed the plant. climate change is expected to change many things but a particular threat comes to the food we grow. projections suggest global food productions could decline. this is according to a summary for the u.n.'s governmental panel of climate change. the next report is due out in march. the next report is expected to show how need for food will ri rise. bankruptcy among farmers from water shortages and other disruptions. infrastructure and ecosystem failures fr
through. >> you used to though were dismantled. it is an historic moment. iran is willing to limit the enrichment and to invite international monitors in a way they never have before. is israel not finding it within itself to welcome those moves? >> because they are meaningless concessions. even the president himself has said if iran maintains the uranium, theyich still have nuclear capabilities. 17 countries on this planet have peaceful nuclear energy programs. you only need enrichment if you want to bomb. sot is why the iranians are steadfast and not giving up enrichment. un security council resolutions are black and white. we fail to understand why we are back tracking on the un security council resolution. surely, all of the major powers involved in these talks understand the issues. are you not satisfied to trust john kerry, the united states, germany, and let them decide what is a safe deal for the world? concernsassure you our are shared by iran's other neighbors. >> address my point. john kerry has just been to israel. he has just talked to benjamin netanyahu. he has outlin
the light of day in america? the block buster director and sir jackie stewart will join us with that story. >>> i'm antonio mora we begin with this your health and the fda. most people know that transfats can be really bad for you. now the food and drug administration has put out a propos al thaal that could see transfats banned from the diet they raise bad cholesterol and they have no known health benefit or safety limit. to understand the significance of the proposal i'm joined by dean ornis. thiornishi dean great to have you with us what did you think when you heard this announcement today. how big a problem are transfoughtransfatsin the ameri. >> ten years ago i worked with the ceo of mcdonalds to get the transfats out of mcdonald french fries and they raise the issue that french fries are our production. and we did the same thing with pepsi co and they were the first request for that. they took the transfats out of the potato chips and that was ten years ago. it's taken time. but i think transfats are the one thing that all experts agree on. whether it's doctor atkins, but it's the wi
's choice. what we were early show us the fact that there were to go through all this time the budget minded in your body but which matched up on doing that at all but given that may not speak and when to admit that the head at that time that day with that outlook would be on monday. they cannot fool you. but he ended up but she added. he was contended that he is nameless look good because we caught most of them looked but at the shebang. he donates to an opposing group within the target by and right now the bike lane undivided. well we all were. sixteen. she and her neck to neck looks which are operating to our common on to what is up and i will be information that we're getting word that they not try to become the cheap but the act opposition to watch the uninvited to me of that idea though and was given to the er today they bounced back. which is a law which holds a lot to get tool one that i am there a lot to be getting in on the record to go to support. the asylum that huge people. he he he. i mean sweat making progress but it's stuff that's iran's foreign minister and the dates its med
use you will will will will will will. althey've got to happy with the addition of these line it's a friday november eight. i'm counting comane and tokyo negotiators from kiran and six world powers have reopened times on iran's nuclear program which both sides expressing their optimism. delegates from the us as say their side would consider relaxing some sanctions in exchange they want the iranians take steps to limit their nuclear activities. the remaining dough she has a meeting in geneva with their counterparts from the us russia china britain france and germany. yippee union foreign policy chief catherine ashton chairs the times. the main entrance as they using their nuclear program for peaceful purposes negotiators from the six powers to thank the rains are developing nuclear weapons they want them to scale back the uranium enrichment. the u s officials say they might consider relaxing sanctions that have crippled iran's economy it wasn't motivated individual who knew how to diminish those are all local bookies to be done to me said the negotiators am making progress but he
and the equipment used to measure the wind. more than 125,000 people have been evacuated from the towns and the villages. visibility is so poor in some spots, only silhouettes could be seen through the thick curtains of the water. they predict that the storm will be maintaining the super typhoon strength despite weakening as they pass overland. >> you'll have to be curious about the differences as there is no difference. it's the same strength of the storm given a different name. headed towards vietnam as they will get there this weekend with a little local connection here. at this time of the year all the moisture drawn up. working their way over the pacific ocean. and some of the rainstorms we get here will origin gnat here. look closely and you'll see one guy is standing out there blanketing the air around him. >>> well tonight we know what the google barge will look like when it is all done. what we've been reporting for weeks now, tonight, we finally have photos. >> yeah, we have some answers that are just beyond the lights over there. a little lesson tonight. take a look inside. >
to change life for garment workers in bangladesh. using local resources in traditional craftsmanship two diplomats from four western powers are joining talks on iran stood clear program. they're hoping to assist iranian and western negotiators reached a breakthrough deal. us secretary of state john kerry and the foreign ministers from france britain and germany are making unscheduled trips to geneva to join the talks. iranian negotiators are meeting with their counterparts from the five un security council permanent members and germany the negotiators want iran to scale back its uranium enrichment program to alleviate concerns over the country suspected involvement of nuclear weapons in return the us and other countries say they might relax sanctions that have crippled iran's economy us president barack obama says there is a possibility that a relaxation of sanctions could be phased in we can provide them some very modest. police. but given the sanctions architecture imports keeping for sanctions in place iranian foreign minister mohamed job i'm sorry it has also expressed hopes of reach
for peace. a journalist from baghdad who was on his mood use to being in the center of events that never before did he become the story himself until one day he was driving to work when suddenly. during tours the two storey bridge and cards lol. i became conscious only twelve days later finding my leg was empty he survived but was shocked again after finding out who was behind the attack and it's my neighbor admitted being an al qaeda member since two thousand senate she said. killian was a direct order. he received at the aha the situation in iraq is long gone beyond the meanwhile. it has become clear. iraq has become subjected to a war of genocide by terrorists were targeting all spheres of life last week mr money he met with president obama does indeed you are in urgent need of help with the signs general statements nothing concrete email accounts the people who aren't on the ground. you will i and anyone who walks in the streets at any moment with a couple of months is likely will hold an exclusive built. at any moment. anyone may be killed. instead of a dozen years now and talking a
, which has helped to fuel revolutions and bring us the latest from lady gaga, saw it stocks soar. can they keep the momentum going? twitter takes flight on the new york stock exchange. top tweeters including patrick stewart taking part in the social media phenomenon. one of twitter's founders on the floor of the exchange. the share price soars. simple tool. yet, people have done so many amazing things with it. team has spent the last few weeks of playing to investors why a company which is yet to make a profit will be a great bed. 2006 with this tweet from one of the founders. than 230 million users ranging from the president celebrating election victory to celebrities like justin bieber telling his followers that of brazil has been incredible. twitter even treated the details of its own share sale but now it has to prove that it is serious business. decided that despite its lack of profits, twitter was worth around $81 billion. a much bigger and profitable social network, facebook, is worth nearly $117 billion. is valued at $160 billion. the u.s. continues to generate .uge web busine
economic reforms. the anticipated meeting happens behind closed doors, but eunice will give us a preview at 10:15 cet. >>> in a bid to boost finances and dial into the brazilian market, our guest says people might be overlooking the fact that there is still quite a lot of potential in italy. that's coming up in half an hour. >>> plus, could shale gas energize the fuel industry? we'll be joined by a strong advocate of the technology, the so-called fact master. >>> and at 11:20 cet, we'll be joined by the founder of good night to talk about the massive opportunity he thinks is presented by big data, created by the continued growth of digital. as i mentioned, that's not enough. yes, folks, it is jobs friday stateside. government shutdown expecting to make the report one of the weakest of the year. we'll preview the employment numberes and how the fed is going to reaction to it. that's coming at 11:30 cet. as ever, if you've got any thoughts, comments or questions, we would love to hear from you. e-mail us, worldwide@cnbc.com. >>> but first, the s&p has downgraded france's credit rating for
kerry and his counterparts are going to try to reach an agreement. phil ittner joining us live from geneva where john kerry has just arrived, and phil, the senior leaders are gat ering. are we expecting anything to happen any time soon? >> well, dell, it doesn't look like today, but it is interesting to note we have heard from the state department that secretary of state kerry has canceled his travel plans. he was scheduled to go to algeria and morocco and he will be doing that. he will be staying here. so you have a lot of heavy hitters trying to get this started. but there is still an awful lot of work to be done. >> there are still some very important issues on the table that are unresolved. it is important for those to be properly, thoroughly addressed. i want to emphasize there is not an agreement at this point in time. we hope to try to narrow those differences, but i don't think anybody should mistake that there are some important gaps that have been to be closed. >> phil, important gaps that need to be closed. do we know what those are? >> well, there are a number of outstan
. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: the most powerful storm on earth this year has hit the central philippines with sustained winds of nearly 200 miles an hour. thousands of residents were forced to evacuate, and officials warned of catastrophic damage. hours before landfall, the typhoon was already dumping heavy rain. the target area included a province devastated by an earthquake last month. trans fats could soon disappear from the american diet. the food and drug administration wants to ban the artery clogging substance found in processed foods from margarine to cookies to frozen pizza. the f.d.a. says that could prevent nearly 7,000 deaths from heart disease each year. we'll have more on th
at the talks. top diplomats from france and germany are also on their way. and u.s. secretary of state john kerry has just arrived. he says no deal has been done yet, but he hopes a solution can be found. >> i want to emphasize there is not an agreement at this point in time, but the p5 is working hard and i look forward to the meetings that i'll be having very shortly with -- with lady ashton, and my fellow ministers in the p5 and then i will be meeting with minister zarif. we hope to try to narrow the differences, but i don't think anybody could mistake that there are some important gaps that have to be closed. so thank you very much. >> we have correspondent covering all sides of the story, live in the iranian capital. but first let's go to james bays who joins us live in geneva. james there must be a feeling that a deal is close to tuition. >> i arrived in geneva just a few hours ago. there are all of the official jets because in a very dramatic move, all of these officials have decided to come here in person. it's all at a much higher level than it was. no one here says that a deal has
different forms of social media use on these issues. engaging in trying to find new ways to engage more stakeholders. i don't know how effective that don't dobut if we that, it won't work. ?> are we safer today maybe we don't want to know the answer to that question. we have barely hit the surface of what you have described as an incredibly complex and truly global challenge. you will all have to pledge to come back as soon as that conversation in the future -- join me in thanking the panelists. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] look at our prime time schedule now. it :00 p.m. eastern, we will hear from the supreme court and oral argument in the case of town of greece versus galloway, opening government meetings with layer. then we have washington journal and cushing, oklahoma. considered to be the capital of america's oil kingdom. former sec chairman mary schapiro will look at changes made to the u.s. financial system since the 2008 financial crisis. all that tonight during prime time on c-span ne
to the west of us, and when the rain comes in the desert, it comes just a few times a year, but it's a lot and washes down quickly. the technology has been designed to withstand, and it did, the 70-year and hundred-year floods scouring at three feet, and we have dwret to see anything. the benefit is innovative technology to minimize environmental foot print and take into account the issue you raised which is how important water is in the desert. i appreciate the question. >> host: is that why you chose this location, all the reasons you just gave? >> guest: that's part of the reason. i'll back up a little. there were several reasons we chose this location. number one is it has great sun, meaning the intensity of the sun on average over the course of the year is excellent. that means you'll produce more energy per square foot than you would in an area with less intense sun. it also had an existing gas trance mission line going through the property and we consume a little bit of natural gas, 2% a year, allowing us to start up and capture the first morning light by getting pipes warm. we make
with winds at 190 miles an hour. >>> joining us via skype is bern schell, with the red cross in the philippines. he joins us from manilla, the capitol. thank you for giving us your time. so, right now, what parts of the country are being hardest hit? >> well, of course, we have seen the ty off and on make landfall this morning on the western part of the country and hit by the typhoon. it went over parts. it's now in e the liolio, moving out of the country probably later in two or three hours, hitting the island later today. it has gone quickly through the country quicker than expected. it has left a lot of damage especially in the area that it made landfall. >> that's a relief that is moving quickly. do you have people from your organization on the ground in those parts? >> staff and volunteers at the red cross on the ground in all parts affected by the disaster. we have started with those people to go out to lifesaving activities, people who have threats or first aid for those people and, of course, we are now starting in those areas getting more clear start, our assessments
to thank all of you for being part of our community in san francisco. i know that every one of us have known victims whether in china counseling attain or a mother in the bay view or fifth generation or in the sunset. we also know we can do better. last year was a tough year i want to thank my colleagues and the rest of the board of supervisors for moving forward a major supplemental to make sure we have a final domestic violence advocate here in the city government to make sure that our district attorney's office has the tools they need and brown but folks we can do better. there are 40 reforms after this person was brutality taken away from us are we've begun for 40 months without a domestic homicide but in in evidence in north there was 8 thousand calls. that's how we feel about this. we know we can do better and all of us working collectively. the mayor had a proclamation he put in a beautiful glass box to showing some of our leaders we have a less budget but i have a proclamation proclaiming this month to be domestic violence month and i'd like to ask a woman who represents all of
program. now the meeting is in its second day. but the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is warning, there isn't a deal on the table yet. >> i want to emphasize there is not an agreement at this point in time. but the p5 is working hard, and i look forward to the meetings that i will be having very shortly with -- with lady kathy ashton, and with my fellow ministers in the p5 and also i will be meeting with minister zarif. we hope to try to narrow the differences but i don't think anybody should mistake that there are some important gaps that have to be closed. so thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> we have correspondent covering all angles of this story. first let's first go to geneva where james bays is reporting for us. now, james, a lot of -- i beg your pardon, senior foreign ministers are there in geneva. there's a lot of talk. john kerry, very cautious at the moment. is there any hope of any sort of a deal coming out of this meeting? >> there certainly hope of a deal, i don't think he would bring these four foreign ministers here to personally take charge of the negotiati
. that was moved and seconded already. could you provide us with therd of the resolution >> yes. thank you, president norton. superintendents proposal and revision of board proposal employees sexual harassment is that the board of education revises policy entitled employees sexual harassment >> thank you there are no public speakers signed up for this item. may i hear are there any comments from the board or superintendant >> i'll to put in an additional. one of the things that gets overlooked is a hostile workplace like photos that creates a hostile environment. my proposed language is roman numerical 2 under conduct to add workplace hostile environment is prohibited in person or other means of conversation or through virtually or media. the language accounts for an increasing trend in social media being used to harass people whether it's texted messages or povrts things of that nature. i want to make sure that the policy addresses some of the changing ways in which people have found to harass each other >> are you making a motion to amend the policy. >> yes. i'd like to ask the supe
president norton will you help us to get this out into the community but let's have a deep conversation with a community. so well-taken. i want to remind the board we've had conversations about how we want to have the contestants where it's a little bit less formal and people feel more comfortable. it's a little bit hard for the board leadership to understand which way do we want to we want the discussions with the committee or here. >> i have a question aren't the meetings open to the public? >> yes. >> so you want to have if in a place that people come to. >> what's been suggested where we can have a deep contestants you're in presentation mode. we don't have this black or white conversation during a presentation that is at a testify visions meeting. we want to have it at community meetings but unfortunately people don't show up and we end up talking to ourselves. while i appreciate that >> i'll be there. >> but we want to make it. >> it's been (multiple voices). >> and the rest of the families that need this information. i appreciate our indulgence. i want to thank the commit
and practice. the data allowed us to see that. >> in 2011 virginia tech teamed up with youth leagues to research young players as well. >> i don't think anyone expected the exposure numbers that we found. from the first grade to seven, 78-year-old teams, the average impacts is 150 per season per player, some 80 times the acceleration of gravity. again? >> 10-year-old ryan is a young player virginia tech is studying. he suffered a head injury in a running deal. dr mark rogers, a team physician for the hoekies is giving a follow up exam. >> eight to 10-year-olds are getting a lot of hits, some pretty good g-force. gs. >> it's dangerous. >> it's high. a lot of stuff generates changes. they are not doing a lot of head to head contacts or hitting drills during the week. the fact that he may have had a concussion - does to give you reservations about football. >> when your children get injured it makes you think. as long as you have programs like this, where people are trying to help and making sure the kids stay as safe as approximately. i wouldn't hesitate putting the play. that would be
says we shouldn't be fooled. >> a think a lot of people are saying this is a good indication for the u.s. economy it will be able to weather the fourth quarter shutdown and so forth, but i'm a little concerned because the growth rate of personal consumption expenditures has been very, very week. the business investment numbers are negative? fact not only did they not grow they fell. >> what is most worrying is the pull back from the consumer who's spending directs two-thirds of all economic activity in the united states. in the three months in september we only saw personal spending rise by 1.5%. uncertainly out of washington raising interest rates and fairly anemic job growth are all sapping consumer confidence, but one segment is doing just fine. patricia sabga tells us the tail. >> reporter: designer handbags to high-end homes wealthy americans are lapping up luxury, fuelling growth at high-end retailers such as michael cores which saw a 31% increase in the sales last quarter. but further down, belts are tightening. wal-mart cut its forecast as its conscious consumer reigns in spendin
as the missile point and the ties between qantas time on the us dominance in the ma state teams that need props up the issue but presidents but off a bomb on a grand event in washington on mon and tue and strike on friday nights kids hospital none had selected it. she also bought this on time and time again has upset the state government grant would be stopped. think about the stunt pilot on its plans to head its in god's pti has crept into two companies to supply trucks to look on the front condos. if the tunes that has come to feel. sophie has a thin doesn't inflict it upon his ethics that happening today in ahead of time into addictions on penn state the spotlight was on the sink and say to offset the set that is going to finance the drooling has bought tea was included on district addressing those gandhi said the hostage and the body with bjp government in the state has done nothing for the development of the state we are. though. andy had it will it be. she said admitting the movie was competing in the beating continued district was gone before us of those calves the doctor called this the
justice would advocate for an increased use or implementation of pretrial services at the local level and some on this panel will speak with more detail on that. >> let me ask miss dewint that you are obviously part of the bail association and the president of the organization, you have decades of experience. critics have argued that your association and other associations like it use their influence by way of lobbying to protect the groups financial interest. i'm wondering if you can respond to that and perhaps give us an idea what kind of lobbying your organization does? >> thank you. first of all let me thank jeff and the san francisco public defenders office for this 10th year of the justice submit summit. thank you and i don't have a prepared speech. i do want to address some of these misconceptions. there is a bail reform and we are part of the reform. we are proud to say that we are part of our regulatory agency with the department of insurance to reestablish the industry. but alongside of that we are not a one size fits all industry. there is a place for the criminal justice
st century. we will not save an effort and no obstacle will stop us arriving at the facts. the basis, ladies and gentlemen, is to find out who stands before the assassination of yasser arafat. and who has the technical and scientific resources for that. we say that israel is the only one to be accused. >> reporter: and joining us now is phil reese one of the journalist in the special investigative unit who spearheaded the investigation into yasser arafat's death. we heard the conclusions by palestinian officials and a slight difference between the swiss and russian results and you have been through the russian results and are you saying they were skewed in advance for political reasons? >> well it was an intriguing press conference and he seemed to say both reports confirmed that there was poisoning and mr. arafat did not die from a natural death but said the russian one was inconclusive he died from polonium and we have new light on his comments and in a film which is going out to at 7:00 gmt on sunday say we had a leak of the russian investigation beforehand and it's quite fascina
hope you stay with us. straight to the floor of the new york stock exchange and nicole petallides. stocks, bouncing back here after yesterday's sharp declines. >> right. we're see you now that the dow is up about 88 points here at the moment at 15,682. nasdaq and s&p holding up nice gains. nasdaq nice move but still down for the week up 1.4%. we got in the monthly jobs report, but first seemed like good news but you knew the labor participation rate is still at lows we haven't seen since 1978. here is a one-week chart for you as the dow and s&p working here to squeeze out gains for the week. we'll see whether or not they actually do that. we'll see if they actually gain the risks of snapping a fourth straight weeks of gains for the s&p 500. for the dow it will extend the to five straight weeks of gains. as i noted the nasdaq still on track for a little bit of weakness for this week overall. down about .2% to the downside. that is what we're looking at big picture. the job reports moved several sectors. insurance and financials were moving well. you had homebuilders going back. bac
species on the tight for us sagittarius states john kerry probably on toe in the middle east is due to attend the talks after changing his travel plans of heading to geneva. the us has confirmed some relief of sanctions imposed on iran was being offered in return for concrete verifiable measures but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said anything to do would be an historic mistake. the five permanent un security council members plus jimmy began two days of talks with iran on thursday. my three high and is the string the philippines with sustained winds of up to two hundred miles an hour of the teacher was decided that if any show estimates based on satellite images of cornell's it to be the most powerful storm ever to make the ample schools and offices have been closed in the cost of the storm and thousands of people have been evacuated amid fears of serious damage the region was already struggling to recover from an earthquake last month the category five storm was centered in the country's east and some are provence the national weather service said trees a book he wri
is created by turning liquid vegetable oil into fat. processed food manufacturers use it because it extends the shelf life and improves the flavor of some foods, including snack foods, such as microwave popcorn, crackers, and cookies. packaged siewps, cakeses, pies, and biscuits, stick margarines and vegetable short ningz, and ready-to-use frostings. and some restaurants use transfats in fried foods. the food and restaurant industries are doing little so far to resist the ban, noting that they've been voluntarily reducing transfats for years inspect in 2003, americans consumed fourp.6 grams of transfats a day. by 2012, it had plummeted to one graham a day, but the f.d.a. says there is no safe level of consumption. new york city banned the use of transfats in restaurants seven years ago. more than a dozen other localities followed. in an interview for "cbs this morning" new york mayor michael bloomberg, who led the charge, said even the restaurants are better off. >> they did not do what some people feared and thaft to replace transfats with something that was even worse. they replaced it wi
again for joining us. before i turn over to you, i want to walk through there part of the clean air acting the epa will be using to reduce the pollution from the coal power plants. as we listen to your ideas and approaches, we will be thinking about how they fit under this section of the law. president obama has directed the epa to issue a proposal by june of 2014 and take final action by 2015. greenhouse gases are air pollutants at are subject to regulation under the clean air act. we have the authority under section 1-11 of that law and it sets out separate approaches to addressing new sources of pollution. and new sources, epa standards of performance, call nspf, this is the proposal that was signed on september 20th and is available on epa's website for review. this type of standard must reflect the degree of the limitation acheviable through the best system. now source standards address the six common pollutants, but not air toxins. for existing sources covered under section 1-11 d, the subject of this listening section, epa doesn't set ix -- explicit standards -- we set guidel
on birthrates and healthcare in the u.s.. venter of, stephanie the national center for health statistics and mark mader. topic of major discussion here in washington these days. members of congress are talking about it, city councils are voting on it, political commentators are writing about it. even the president is voicing an opinion. here he is. >> obviously, people get pretty mascots.to team names, i don't think there are any redskins fans that mean offense. i've got to say if i were the owner of the team and i knew that there was a name of my team even if it had a storied history that was offending a sizable group of people, i'd think about changing it. but i don't want to detract from the wonderful redskins fans that are here. they love their team, and rightly so come it even though they have been having a tough time this year. think all these mascots and team names related to native americans, native americans feel pretty strongly about it it i don't know whether our attachment to a particular name real, override the legitimate concerns that people have about these thin
, they wanted to bring about the first full-scale commercial operation citrus ranch in the u.s. and from there, we added, throughout the years, over the last 115-16 years, 3 other families have come into the fold, and that's where we've grown today to be our 7,000 acres that we are in california. >> once called the home of the lemon, it actually took 15 years before those first farmers even turned a profit at the limoneira farm. but they persevered, and as they say, they've come a long way, baby. things have obviously changed a lot over the years, but one thing that hasn't changed is the desire to explore innovative programs. the farm invests a lot of time, research, and investment into improving lemon production through innovation. in 2008, they completed work on a solar panel project that stretches across nearly 5 acres and can help to power their lemon storage facility and packing house. and despite being the oldest continuously run citrus packing operation in north america, it actually is pretty state-of-the-art these days. >> basically, what we're looking at here is the calera system that
in washington again as there have been talks of building a multi-use stadium to replace the outdated rfk stadium. >> it's just time to change the name. i think the whole country is starting to get around it. >> i think people just got to get over themselves and a lot of us can get offended about this and about that. >> reporter: loudoun county board of supervisors say the team is headquartered in their county right here in ashburn and they play in maryland. they also say d.c. is not doing themselves any favors by calling for a name change if they're trying to lure the washington redskins back to the district. the votes on either side of the debate are essentially symbolic. it's up to the team's owner, dan snyder, to make a change and he vehemently opposes that decision. >> we need to take care of the businesses in our county. >> i don't think there should be a name change. >> i didn't even know the redskins was a racist name till this was brought to attention. >> they're not winning many games and neither city was going to change the name, so maybe it's time to change the name. >> reporter: be
centrifuges and cease enrichment to 20% purity, a form iran using for a medical reactor, one expert believes that iran must declare all centrifuge manufacturing sites. >> during this interim period, they could continue making thousands of centrifuges, if the deal falls apart, then they could emerge and deploy them quickly. >> reporter: david albright also believes it is critical that iran addresses all unanswered questions about the nuclear web program, u.s. watch dog suspect its had on one point. a pihe hopes will not get lost,. lou: obama administration in full damage control mode. trying to avoid further political damage as a result of the disastrous launch of obamacare, president apologizing to morning who lost health care plans but no apologies for lying about it. cascade of dreadful news for the administration maintaining momentum as new documents reveal that healthcare.gov was only able to handle 1100 users at a time according to test results a day before the launch, the shift in tactics and president's apology may now allow the president to abandon his search for a narrative that wou
from surgery in a san francisco burn center. laura anthony joins us live. laura? >> reporter: this is a case, he was barely visible and after the hearing his mother did speak with us she said her son is very remorseful, that he didn't realize someone could be hurt so badly. the d.a.has a very different take on it. >> i'm sorry for what happened. >> as they left the courtroom, the family of richard thomas says thomas is not a hateful person despite what charges against him might indicate. >> reporter: what kind of boy is he? >> he's a good kid very good kid. >> he was joking around. >> reporter: a junior in high school, he is charged with felony assault and mayhem. police say he lit the passenger on fire, while fleeshman was asleep on the bus monday afternoon. fleeshman wearing a skirt the victims' parents say the 18-year-old doesn't identify as male or feel yale. the district attorney released a statement quote, richard thomas violence and senseless conduct resulted in severe trauk injuries to a young, innocent victim. in the criminal complaint the officer said, quote, dur
of this treaty. >> this weekend, more than 130 countries have ratified the u.s. inspired u.n. disabilities treaty which failed to win senate approval in 2012. the foreign relations to many took up the treaty again. watch saturday morning at 10:00 even -- 10:00 eastern. the upside of being a big fish in a small pond. saturday night at 11:00 p.m. lynette "squeaky" fromme pulled the trigger. superbowl dome, built entirely at public expense after hurricane katrina, badly damaged. when it held football games again that was a football that a feel-goodwas story again. the public is invested in today's dollars, one billion dollars in the construction of the mercedes-benz superdome. the man who owns the new orleans saints keeps almost all of the revenue generated there. i think -- why don't people rebel against it? many people do not understand this is taking place. the second reason it, they feel like there was nothing they can do about it. it is based on insider deals and it is. there was a vote in miami last year on whether to use public money to renovate the place where the miami dolphins played and t
or not eat. we know it's bad for us. it's bad for us. we're adults. >> i think the fda is doing the right thing. >> i think people are smart enough to listen to die particularses and others. >> i think it's a good idea. i think more people ought to be health conscious. >> it's an intrusion on our individual rights. >> make ingredients known and let us choose what we do and don't want to eat. >> right. >> it's stupid. i should be able to eat whatever i want to eat. >> i think that's a horrible idea. everyone loves sweets and all those good stuff. i don't see why they should banned. >> stay away from trans-fat. life is good. >> the public might be mixed but critics say the move will limit choice and drive up prices. not delicious. derek is one of those skeptical and says the government needs to keep its nose out of our business. baker david mcarthur agrees arguing he has a tough enough time keeping up with the taxes and regulations right now. david, here they are poking around in your mixing bowls. >> you know, neil, one of my favorite comments in the world, save us from the good people. al
the agency's recognition of palestine. u.s. law compels the automatic withholding of funds from you and agencies that accept palestine as a member, which unesco did in 2011. unesco protects sites with cultural significance and promotes issues ranging from press freedom to girls education. u.s. contributions, which accounted for nearly a quarter of the agency's overall budget, the forced it to slash number of programs. the heads of britain's three spy agencies faced questions before the british parliament or state about surveillance practices revealed by edward snowden, including collaboration with the u.s. national security agency. of mi6, sawyers, head claimed snowden's leaks have caused damage. havee leaks from snowden been very damaging. they have put our operations at risk. it is clear our adversaries are rubbing their hands with glee. al qaeda is laughing it up. >> brazil and germany introduced a united nations resolution to curb unfettered electronic surveillance. according to snowden's links, both countries have been targeted by u.s. spying, including surveillance of their le
to share with us as to actual hard evidence that the terrorists or potential terrorists have been looking at these reports no use up before i get no show that they could be an effective fight at whitby on this that they have faith that the ecj i think is that the questions at the outset give in and with a spicy swiss engineer asking the to paint it on trusting and windmills sleep in but for what we came out with the trite saying their lines in it and the country. i've probably been the way to get his neighbor matt nations calls the law all that trust has being invaded and say that is wet. the difficulty is things like this that made this an interesting bits of information. i am not for the gang's be very crazy speeds life that i think that he can see this debates the continuing use of fur if it will most active predicted the intelligence bosses were likely to find themselves in a war zone like to call to jam into the snow has gone commences to the benefits of british governments have made it but those leaks. back in july the office of the guardian newspaper which had some of the files wer
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